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Pneumonia Treatment Troy, MI

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Pneumonia Treatment Troy, MI

Somerset Urgent Care is here 7 days a week if you are suffering from Pneumonia. Our board-certified doctors are very experienced in treating this disease for every member of your family, young and old. This disease can be life-threatening in children and the elderly. If you suspect a young or older loved one has pneumonia, come to Somerset Urgent Care right away for a diagnosis and treatment.

What are the symptoms of Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a disease that many people associate with the lungs. While this is where the disease attacks the body, symptoms can appear in other parts of your body. The most common symptom associate with pneumonia is a cough. This often produces mucus from the lungs that may be colored green, rusty, or tinge with blood. Coughing can be so hard, that patients will feel chest wall pain just from breathing. Because this is a lung infection, you can also expect someone to feel that they have shortness of breath. Other tell-tale symptoms that people may not associate with pneumonia include a fast heartbeat, “teeth chattering” chills, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

Are there different kinds of Pneumonia?

Yes. There is bacterial pneumonia and nonbacterial pneumonia. Of the two, bacterial pneumonia is the more severe infection. It often arrives quickly in healthy people younger than 65 and usually starts during or after a bout with the flu or a cold. Nonbacterial pneumonia is less severe, and often people don’t feel sick.

How do I know if I have Pneumonia?

At Somerset Urgent Care we have a state of the art lab onsite that can determine if you have Pneumonia. Only a medical test can determine for sure if you are infected. Our lab is available 7 days a week with no appointment needed. Once we’ve determined you have pneumonia, we can begin treatment.

How is Pneumonia treated?

For pneumonia caused by bacteria, the general treatment is a regimen of antibiotics. This treatment plan can only be prescribed after a positive result from a test from our lab. Generally speaking, you should see an improvement in a few days after the start of antibiotics. If there is no improvement, further testing and cultures may be needed to determine what bacteria you are infected with so our doctors can prescribe more effective antibiotics. In cases where pneumonia is the result of a virus, such as influenza, anti-viral medication is an option.

At Somerset Urgent Care we are ready to diagnosis and treat you today. Pneumonia can be a serious, life-threatening illness if left untreated. It also can be contagious. Protect not only your health but the health of loved ones around you. No appointment is required, and with our extended weekday hours, you will be seen by a doctor on your schedule. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 9 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Our walk-in urgent care accepts many major insurances. Visit our insurance page to see a list of carriers we currently take. Ask about our self-pay options if you are currently uninsured. Do you have questions about pneumonia and our treatments? Call our friendly staff at 248-206-3346, and they will be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to helping you feel better today!



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