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Physical Exam in Troy, MI

Somerset Urgent Care Provides a Variety of thorough Physical Examinations

At Somerset Urgent Care, we conduct a walk in service to patients who have need for a Doctors physical examination. Our clinic runs on a first come first serve basis, which means that we do not require our patients to book an appointment ahead of time. There are many variations of physical exams that the community needs for many different reasons. Some of which, are required annually. Often times it is a hassle because these examinations can take many weeks or months to set up. Somerset Urgent Care offers a great solution to this as we cover all types of physical exams from sports all the way down to work physical exams. Our operating hours are very convenient, we are open Monday through Friday 8AM to 8PM, and on the weekends from 10AM to 6PM. Although appointments aren’t necessary, we allow our patients even more convenience by still granting them the opportunity to book a date and time that is most convenient for them.

As stated in the previous paragraph, we offer a many different physical exams, such as:

Sports Physicals- Participating in sports every year is a joyous event, but before you can start having all this fun, it is important to receive a physical exam to ensure you are healthy enough to partake in this sometimes strenuous activities.

Camp Physicals- Going away for camp is quite an exciting experience as you can get away from your daily routine for a few days to a few weeks. But while at camp, the body may be exposed to some harsh physical conditions. Coming in to receive a camp physical can give you peace of mind to know you or your child will be in healthy condition for that time away from home.

School Physicals- Receiving a school physical is more often than not a good idea to get you or your child up to date on all recent vaccines. If not, they may be at risk to contracting an illness from another child that could have otherwise been avoided with a vaccination. This is just a precautionary step to ensuring an enjoyable and productive school year.

We look forward to giving the community the quality medical attention we all deserve. Thank you from all of us at Somerset Urgent Care!



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